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We market and distribute our products and services primarily through the following channels: OEM; distributors and resellers; and online.


We license our software to OEMs for distribution as pre-installed software on new PCs. The most significant part of the OEM business for us is licensing of the Windows operating system. We also license to OEMs certain server operating systems and desktop applications such as our Microsoft Office system and consumer software products. In addition to licensing them software, we market through OEMs hardware devices and software as services, including our Windows Live Essentials suite. We have OEM agreements covering one or more of our products with virtually all of the multinational OEMs, including Acer, ASUSTek, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, NEC, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba, and the regional OEMs, including Medion, MSI, and Positivo. In addition, a portion of the OEM business is also conducted with system builders, which are low-volume, customized PC vendors operating in local markets.

Distributors and Resellers

We license software to organizations under arrangements that allow the end-user customer to acquire multiple licenses of products and services. Organizations license our products and services primarily through large account resellers (“LARs”), distributors, value-added resellers (“VARs”), OEMs, system builder channels and retailers. Additionally, solution integrators, independent software vendors, web agencies and developers advise organizations on the acquisition of licenses of our products and services. Many organizations that license products through enterprise agreements transact directly with us, with sales support from our Enterprise Software Advisor channel partners. These Enterprise Software Advisors typically are also authorized as LARs and operate as resellers for our other licensing programs. Although each type of reselling partner reaches organizations of all sizes, LARs are primarily engaged with large organizations. Distributors resell primarily to VARs and VARs typically reach the smallsized and medium-sized organizations. Some of our distributors include Ingram Micro and Tech Data, and some of our largest resellers include CDW, Dell, Insight Enterprises, and Software House International. Our Microsoft Dynamics software offerings are licensed to enterprises through a global network of channel partners providing vertical solutions and specialized services. We distribute our retail packaged products primarily through independent non-exclusive distributors, authorized replicators, resellers, and retail outlets. Individual consumers obtain our products primarily through retail outlets, including Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart. We have a network of field sales representatives and field support personnel that solicits orders from distributors and resellers, and provides product training and sales support.

Our arrangements for organizations to acquire multiple licenses of products are designed to provide them with a means of doing so without having to acquire separate packaged product through retail channels. In delivering organizational licensing arrangements to the market, we use different programs designed to provide flexibility for organizations of various sizes. While these programs may differ in various parts of the world, generally they include:

Open licensing

Designed primarily for small-to-medium organizations (5 to over 250 licenses), these programs allow customers to acquire perpetual or subscription licenses and, at the customer’s election, rights to future versions of software products over a specified time period (two or three years depending on the Open program used). The offering that conveys rights to future versions of certain software products over the contract period is called software assurance. Software assurance also provides support, tools, and training to help customers deploy and use software efficiently. Under the Open program, customers can acquire licenses only, or licenses with software assurance. They can also renew software assurance upon the expiration of existing volume licensing agreements.

Select licensing

Designed primarily for medium-to-large organizations (greater than 250 licenses), this program allows customers to acquire perpetual licenses and, at the customer’s election, software assurance over a specified time period (generally three years or less). Similar to the Open program, the Select program allows customers to acquire licenses only, acquire licenses with software assurance, or renew software assurance upon the expiration of existing volume licensing agreements.

Enterprise agreement licensing

Enterprise agreements are targeted at medium and large organizations (greater than 250 licenses) that want to acquire licenses to software products, along with software assurance, for all or substantial parts of their enterprise. Enterprises can elect to either acquire perpetual licenses or, under the Enterprise Subscription program, can acquire non-perpetual, subscription agreements for a specified time period (generally three years). Online services are also available for purchase through the Enterprise agreement and subscriptions are generally structured with three-year terms.


Although client-based software will continue to be an important part of our business, increasingly we are delivering greater value to customers through cloud-based services. We have an expanding portfolio of products, services, and solutions that we market and distribute online. We provide online content and services to consumers through Bing, Windows Live Essentials suite, Microsoft Office Web Apps, our MSN portals and channels, and Xbox LIVE. We provide content and services to business users through the Microsoft Online Services platform, which includes cloud-based services such as Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Office Communications. Other services delivered online include our online advertising platform with offerings for both publishers and advertisers, as well as Microsoft Developer Networks subscription content and updates, periodic product updates, and online technical and practice readiness resources to support our partners in developing and selling our products and solutions.